5 years and counting…

A belated happy 5th whippleversary to me 🙂 (again)


The Chronos Route

Two years post Whipple and happy to report no real problems.

No pain, the occasional weird feeling in my stomach, I can imagine how a mother feels when a baby moves inside her, I wouldn’t really know how that feels but its’ all I can liken it to.

Scar practically gone, just blends in so well to the rest of my wrinkles!

Diabetes is a nuisance but no more than that. I don’t get hung up about my sugar being high but I feel it when its low big time. Shakes, hunger and sweats boom, just like that.

When I think of the alternative I have no real complaints. I enjoy a full and active life, work full time and have a lovely wife and border collie to keep me busy, and they sure do.

Oh, and there’s the gas but that’s just a load of hot air!

The Age Realisation and The Wardrobe Consequence

Well its official. I am getting old.
I went to the bingo and enjoyed it. Of course the several pints of lager helped too.

I have been getting busier and busier and finding very little time to keep my blog up to date, which supports my original theory about why its difficult to find good news stories about post whipple operations. The people who are fine are just getting on with life never post anything and the remaining few who are maybe not as fine are looking for answers on the internet. I hope this helps them.

Some things I have been up to recently include a bike ride with my two sons, took ages for my pulled thigh muscle to recover! I still enjoyed it though. Sunny day, pedalling along the canal, stopping for a drink or two. What’s not to love about it.

I also went on a 8 mile round trip walk with the dog, also a nice sunny day and we were both worn out after 🙂 Something about my blood seems to attract horse flies now :-/ I was bitten about 5 times. Maybe I am just so much sweeter now 🙂

Went golfing last night with my sons, they are teaching me all they know (which isn’t a lot to be honest). Enjoyed that too, and I definitely improved as we got further round the course. Lost a couple of balls in the rough but who cares.

One interesting benefit of losing weight is that my son dropped me a load of clothes off that he can’t fit into now he’s a muscle man. Now, kids being kids these days, these aren’t cheap togs either. I wouldn’t dream of paying the prices he pays for a tee shirt or jeans. Anyway I now have a really trendy wardrobe, I gotta go out and strut my stuff!

Back at work full-time tomorrow, the 4 week phased return has been a bit of a drag to be honest. I never felt like I was back at work properly. Now I can get going and get to grips with things that have cropped up.

I suspect that this may be my last post, I feel it has done it’s job. To keep adding stuff about what I am up to is not what it was about. I can use Facebook for that, not that I do but you get what I mean.

If anything develops that is relevant I will jump back on and post it.

Oh one final note, my toilet issues are getting less and less. In fact since I have been back at work I have hardly had any trouble at all.

One final, final note. My heartfelt thanks to my wonderful wife, who helped me though all this, was my rock and support and without who my life would mean nothing. I love you very much.

If you are due a Whipple then good luck, I hope I have helped, don’t worry, live your life, don’t look back, keep up with the Creon, and like the Facebook group says.”NEGU”

Never Ever Give Up.

The Learner Qualification

Yeah, I passed my Driving Theory test. Now I can go on to do my practical and be a menace to society!

First day back to work tomorrow since December, a little anxious that my digestive system will hold up. I hope so.

I forgot to report that I met with the diabetic consultant and everything seemed ok, he his dropping my insulin for three months to see how it goes.

While I was there he asked did I have any problems with my feet, to which I said no, but virtually the day after guess what?  I think I have a mild form of Dyshidrosis, nothing like the images on Google and nothing that’s bothering me. Just something else to keep an eye on.