First day at home part 1.a

Well I thought that I would sleep like a log, wrong! I must be tanked up with painkillers.

Struggling to sleep because of ideas about a blog, life, not very tired (surprisingly) and just so happy to be home.
So at 3:30 I figured hang it, get out of bed and do something. Woke my lovely wife which wasn’t difficult because she was sleeping with one eye open to check on me, and told her not too worry that I would be pottering around and that I felt tip top.

So much to do.
Theatre tickets to surprise the wife with!
Holidays to plan.
Decorating to supervise. That will tickle the missus 🙂
All this on top of getting better of course.

Still got shoulder pain but that should go. Apparently it’s quite common for major surgery.

Backache, but let’s put that down to the epidural and the hammering my body just went through.
Tummy still tender but healing nicely.

The dog will not leave my side, he has missed his old man. Scared of him jumping up because he is a very nimble Border Collie, consider some kind of protection, karate body guard 🙂

Strobe effect to eye sight, tramadol side effect maybe? I experienced this in hospital. Almost pulse like. Not sure what this is :-\

Had a very relaxing bath whilst watching the big bang theory, very funny.

if you don’t like discussing toilet issues look away now.

Pooped like a trooper with nice(?) consistency. But lordy, lord so much!
Pooped again an hour later? Colour caramel, bit smelly.
Pooped again within half an hour, bit runnier and paler. Stank!
I figure I need a good flushing out after 8 days. Need to watch diet though, I had a chicken curry at hospital but it was rather nice and I felt that I had earned it.

All this was before the bath by the way.


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