First day at home

Yesterday evening I returned home from a short stay in hospital for a Pancreaticoduodenectomy operation (15/03/2013) and it is snowing on March 23 2013 in the UK. These two facts are not related!

Whilst I will be at home a lot over the next month or two, and because it is very difficult to find positive stories about the Whipple procedure I thought that someone may benefit from what will, hopefully, be mine.

So here it is….


2 thoughts on “First day at home

  1. Thank you for all your positive information, what a relief. Waiting to have Whipple next week ( never heard of it till last Monday!!, now a bloody expert!). Obviously checked out Internet and nearly had a heart attack ontop!! Believed I would be a complete invalid forever and never be able to eat or poo again!! Feel much better now, thanks so much.
    Looking forward to a kebab and beer post op, didn’t believe that would be possible ever again – what about jam donuts?
    Wishing you all the best for your continued recovery and you are now my inspiration ( along with a man from Birkenhead who managed sausage chips and curry sauce on returning home, with no extra enzymes.

    Take care and eat well.


    • Hi Maggie. I hope your operation goes as well as mine did. Get ready for some fun with the morphine! If you start to see things that aren’t there don’t worry its normal 🙂
      Make sure you join the Facebook group “Whipple warriors” there is tons of support there from people who have shared our experience and know what it’s like post op.
      I had apple doughnuts and toffee ones too. If I recall they didn’t have any effect. You go for it!

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