Second day at home part 2

My Dog walk is cancelled.

“She who must be obeyed” forbids it so I have had to settle for watching the dogs romping around on the recreational area behind my house. My lovely wife, all wrapped up and surrounded by whirlwinds of snow, bless her. Meanwhile the dog is having a right old time!


If you don’t like discussing toilet issues look away now.

This is fast becoming very unfunny! Yet again I find myself rushing to the toilet and it wasn’t fun.

I need a diet change plan asap.

In case anyone thinks that I have a poop fetish, I haven’t. When I was given the option of having this life saving surgery I hunted high and low across the internet for potential risks and I have to say this info isn’t very clear or is wrapped up in vague terms like “you may experience some difficulties going to the toilet”.

I desperately wanted someone to tell me the truth and could not find anything. I vowed that if I got through the op, which thankfully I did, that I would tell it like it is blow by blow.So please forgive me for that but there are people out there that need this information.



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