Day Three

Had a brilliant nights sleep so feel really rested, even managed to sleep a while on my side despite the staples in my abdomen!

I am driving the wife crazy already because I want to do stuff and she wont let me. She is right of course, who needs the weight of a bass guitar applying to a freshly made 20 inch scar!

Nothing to report on the poop front, which is good. I only hope I am not storing up trouble for later (pun intended).

Today will be a day of supervising the decorators from my bed again, he he. Watching TV and general internet stuff.

After learning the hard way yesterday, the first thing that I did this morning was take all my prescribed medication. It shakes me to realise that sometimes I am not always right 🙂

Scarring felt a little tender but pain killers have sorted that out.


One thought on “Day Three

  1. Good blog . Hope you get better and have a fun blog to do too. By the way acoustic nylon string guitars are much lighter and don’t need an amp……you know you deserve it.

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