Second day at home part 2.a

I discovered 2 interesting facts around 7 pm.
1. The human liver produces roughly 1 litre of bile per day.
2. Vomit can leave the mouth at speeds of up to 22 mph
These two facts are related!

I also inadvertently stumbled upon a possible reason why my guts have been off all day. A man thinks like this, I don’t have acid now ergo I don’t need anti acid tablets.

My bile production had been left uncontrolled and the signs were there for me to ignore, to my cost, lesson learned!

If you get like this, where your poop is getting progressively looser then heed the warning signs. Take your acid medication and hit a BRAT diet straight away. Bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast.

Also, I have been having a strange sensation at the back of my throat and upon further investigation it appears that my uvula has been damaged, squished, stretched by the air pipes during the operation. Apparently this is routine and normal service is resumed after about a week, in the meantime I will try not to lean forward too much because this causes me to gag.


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