Day Four

I tried to be crafty this morning while “her indoors” was still in bed and took the dog on the field for 5 minutes, after which I went to the newsagent.

My phone rang and my wife said “Where the bl*&dy hell are you!”, she went mad!

The lady in the newsagents also gave me a similar response and sent me home with my tail between my legs! He,he, what an adventure.

Woke up early after a good nights rest again, toilet troubles soon spiralled from normal to abnormal. I really will have to stop eating just whatever takes my fancy.

Stomach started to feel a little tender so out came the painkillers again.

Soapbox time.

I tried to make an arrangement for the local district nurse to visit me and remove my staples, as directed by the hospital upon discharge. What a fiasco!

Some Jobsworth woman told me that it is not protocol for nurses to visit homes and that I will have to go to a local centre (some 3 miles away by bus) and sit and wait. I ask you what is the point of a district nurse that doesn’t leave the office! I told them what I had done but it did not make any difference. Anyhow my wife went around to the GP and waxed great wroth and it is in their hands now, lets see what happens.


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