Day Seven

I am going to a walk in centre tonight to get my staples removed. The local district nurses can’t accommodate me until next Thursday and with it being Easter weekend I am in a bit of a pickle because they have to come out!

I managed to do a little light Yoga today, not really my preferred exercise method but it will stop me seizing up. It was fine and I didn’t pop anything 🙂

I have eaten my head off today, and although my toilets are still here, there and everywhere I think they are slowly getting better.



2 thoughts on “Day Seven

  1. So pleased that you are making such a fantastice recovery.
    My husband had the op 6 years ago, but he lost over 3 stone in weight and couldn’t eat normally for several weeks. His story is on the bile duct cancer website, it wasn’t plain sailing at all to start with, but things worked out well in the end, so many people have not been as lucky as you have both been, we count our blessings.

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