Day Ten.

Wow. I got the Creon this afternoon and took two 400 mg capsules with my early evening meal. One immediately before with water, the second halfway through the meal.

I didn’t mess about and thought let’s test this to the max. So armed with a chicken and donner kebab(!), only half of one I hasten to add, I figured lets put these Creon babies to the test. I followed this up several hours later with a Creon-less Mars bar (Caramel Milky Way for the US peeps).

The anticipated sudden rush to the toilet hasn’t happened as of yet and it’s creeping closer and closer to bedtime.

Definitely a result! I feel quite optimistic about the future of my toilet time now, but best not to get ahead of myself!

Spent the afternoon, helping out with the ongoing decorating by taking off an internal door and painting it in the sunshine. It was rather pleasant.

I seem to have a mild backache though, I don’t know if this is related to the painting or just another symptom of having some of my pancreas missing, I think that I read this somewhere.


2 thoughts on “Day Ten.

  1. HI I saw your blog on the whipple survivor group. I had the whipple in April 07. I had those same back aches that you describe. I think it is part of the new norm that we have since the whipple. Its been 6yrs for me and I still them occasionally. Welcome to the whipple survivor group. You will love all of the info that is shared. They are a great bunch of warriors..

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