20 days since the operation.

The Creon seems to be helping, as usual I don’t help myself by indulging in things that my body isn’t ready for yet. A large bottle of Peroni beer is probably not the best thing to assist with loose stools but it went down a treat anyhow.

I find that my stomach develops little cramping sensations after taking the Creon, nothing too painful but a very strange sensation like my stomach is working overtime. Still if it helps, I will stick to it.

Yesterday I also took a food supplement drink and I don’t think any amount of Creon can cope with them, it went straight through me. I will keep off them until I am more stable 😦

Still have a persistent backache, again nothing painful just tiresome. I will speak to the consultant about this next week when I see him.

Overall, I feel that my progress is remarkably good and if that means Creon forever, then so be it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “20 days since the operation.

  1. i had whipple surgery on nov 5th 2012, now im always feeling sick , i take anti sickness tablets. been on zomorph and now being weaned of it taking its time. as i was on 90mg a day and being weaned of it 10mg a week. the creon i can cope with the feeling of sickness is hard , and also dont like being on my own but its better than the alternative if the bile duct cancer had not been spotted early. told me 6 months recovery which it is still ongoing good days bad days,

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