The Apple Crumble Experiment.

It’s Grand National Day, you know the one were about 40 riders and horses(sometimes just horses) run round a track, jumping hedges in a bid to make it all the way round without getting hurt. We had a little flutter but didn’t win, my son however, backed a 66:1 winner. Yahoo, good for him.

The Creon is definitely helping now. Normal service seems to have been resumed in the toilet. I thought that I had made a massive error in judgement when I had a helping of delicious home made apple crumble (by my fair hands) with custard (shop bought). I forgot to take my Creon with this and was waiting to pay the price, however judgement seems to have been forestalled. Possibly by the previous intake of tablets, I don’t really know. I am finding that I can snack a lot more freely.

I find that over indulging is not really possible, mainly because I just get to uncomfortable, especially across my scar. My clothes rub across it when I walk and it just feels weird. I guess this is normal scar recovery type feelings.

It has been a lovely day today, the sun has been shining and the horrible freezing wind has dropped. This gave me more incentive to walk the dog a little more than I have recently. He is plum tuckered out now 🙂


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