The Holiday Conundrum

I have been busy trying to find the ideal holiday, the doc said that I am ok to fly but should not drink alcohol on the plane, which I wouldn’t normally do anyway. He recommended that I take an aspirin and move around a lot to prevent blood clots and drink plenty of water.
That will be easy then because drinking plenty of water means a visit to the toilet every half an hour for me!
Finally settled for Cyprus, my brother has a beautiful apartment there that is very conveniently located.
Hopefully we will be jetting off next week! I cannot wait. So a busy few days ahead, packing, planning, etc.

Nothing much to report on the home front, still experimenting with the Creon and not getting it 100%, my troubles always seem to be first thing in the morning. I tried two toast with Creon before bed last night and it didn’t seem to make much difference.


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