The Google Delay

Well hello, it’s been a while

I returned from Cyprus feeling refreshed, want to go back already! Just before I went I got a new phone, a Google Nexus 4. It’s really sweet but it has been something of a distraction! That and a Raspberry PI to play with and all the various other things I have been getting on with have meant that I haven’t had much time to blog. Oh, and I have been learning to drive too. Item number 3 on the bucket list! Hooray. I feel a little old now at 49 to be learning but you have to start sometime.

Made a couple of dietary mistakes in the last week or two, mistake one was (as an experiment) going a day without Creon. Three days later and I was still paying for that.

Mistake number two was similar, under a lager induced lack of senses I decided to have a kebab without Creon, retribution followed swiftly the next two days!

My, I will never learn. I hope I pass my driving test easier than my Creon test.


7 thoughts on “The Google Delay

  1. New to blogs and Whipple for that matter, I have replied a couple of times but can’t seem to see them?? Just trying again to see if I’m getting through, due to be whippled in about a week!! Decided not to read any more negative reports!! You fit the bill for a positive role model!!

    Hope to hear from you


    • Hi again Maggie. Yes they are getting through. They appear on the same page that you comment on. Thanks for the support and hope all goes well. Stay positive.

      • Hi Neil

        Thanks for reply, not used to this!! How long were you in hospital for?? I’m currently trying to think of any reason not to do this! I think I may have just sold my soul to the devil by mistake!! After all I have read already, I can’t believe you were we’ll enough to go on holiday!! I was beginning to think I was looking forward to 6 months inprisonment being able to only eat a cream cracker!!
        Great inspiration, honestly you have made me feel much more positive – I am sure I’m going to get a call any day now saying they’ve got my results mixed up!!
        Take care

      • Hi Maggie, I think I was in hospital for around 10 days. 2-3 in High Dependency which is normal and then 6 -8 on the ward. I forget the exact times, I wasn’t really there with all the drugs!
        I know how you feel, I agonised over the decision right up to them putting the epidural in my back. All the time thinking I can still change my mind.
        I don’t have an answer for you, it is a decision that you have to make for yourself. Hell, I can’t even give you any reassurances that you will be tip top after because everyone is different. Recovery is different, the post op results are different and the surgeons are different too.

        All I know is I feel better than I did and slimmer for it to boot. Yes, some days are troubling and sometimes I wish I hadn’t had it done but I am where I am which is better than being dead.

  2. Found all replies now, thanks. Reassured re: donuts!! I’ve tried some diets in my time and they all make you feel like crap, so here’s to the Whipple diet, followed by exercise video, possibly!
    Looking forward to morphine fuelled hallucinations, every cloud has a silver lining. How soon did you try eating ( I know I sound obsessed) and did it go well first time?

    Thanks for your time, you may regret starting this blog!


    • I ate in hospital after going on the ward. They start you on soft food like rice pudding. The day before I came out I had chicken curry and devoured it! I paid for it after. When I got home it went a bit downhill till I got the creon – see blog. Its opening of the bowels they measure you on and walking. The sooner you do both the sooner you get out.

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