The Learner Qualification

Yeah, I passed my Driving Theory test. Now I can go on to do my practical and be a menace to society!

First day back to work tomorrow since December, a little anxious that my digestive system will hold up. I hope so.

I forgot to report that I met with the diabetic consultant and everything seemed ok, he his dropping my insulin for three months to see how it goes.

While I was there he asked did I have any problems with my feet, to which I said no, but virtually the day after guess what?  I think I have a mild form of Dyshidrosis, nothing like the images on Google and nothing that’s bothering me. Just something else to keep an eye on.



6 thoughts on “The Learner Qualification

  1. Congratulations on passing your theory test, you’ll never look back once you get on the open road ( not literally, still need to look back sometimes).
    Hope you enjoy your first day back at work, you’ll feel like you’ve never been away by dinner time, do they let you have a phased return? Normal service is resuming!!
    How does this condition impact on your feet?, anything else I should know?!!
    Take care

    • Thanks Maggie. I have just booked the practical too for 20th Aug.

      What date is your whipple? I know you said next week but when exactly? Let me know how you get on, not straight away of course you won’t be up to it but when you feel better.

      Don’t worry about the feet thing, its a kind of eczema brought on by my recent diabetes I reckon. Part of the new normal.

      • Hi Neil,

        Not sure of date yet, had pre op stuff done last Friday and they said expect to go in a week or two!! Just joined face book ( managed to avoid that so far !!), joined whipple survivors!! I can’t get my head round this, I feel fine. Can they not tell if anything is benign without the surgery? (I think I know the answer to that one!). I suppose I’m lucky going into this well, some people must be quite poorly when they get to this point.
        Thank you for your support, it is really helpful

      • You are in a better position than most. Being well up front means you will recover faster. If like me you find nothing wrong all you need to worry about is getting better and controlling your diet. Expect some weight loss but don’t worry. They can only tell if its benign by doing a biopsy and this is like the biggest biopsy ever! Glad you found the Facebook group. Take care.

      • Hope your first day at work went well, did it feel like you’ve never been away?
        I read the face book post on KFC, became very preoccupied with the existence of a chicken pie and then read your reply!! I know you said that the group had lots of good information, I wasn’t prepared for that.


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