The Chronos Route

Two years post Whipple and happy to report no real problems.

No pain, the occasional weird feeling in my stomach, I can imagine how a mother feels when a baby moves inside her, I wouldn’t really know how that feels but its’ all I can liken it to.

Scar practically gone, just blends in so well to the rest of my wrinkles!

Diabetes is a nuisance but no more than that. I don’t get hung up about my sugar being high but I feel it when its low big time. Shakes, hunger and sweats boom, just like that.

When I think of the alternative I have no real complaints. I enjoy a full and active life, work full time and have a lovely wife and border collie to keep me busy, and they sure do.

Oh, and there’s the gas but that’s just a load of hot air!


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