4 years and counting!

A belated happy whippleversary to me ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “4 years and counting!

  1. I’m post Whipple 15+ years. I have some issues every once in a while. I try to exercise every day doing stationary bike and resistance workouts. I’m just about 60 years old but feel younger probably due to the exercise diet. Let me know if you need any advice etc. Good Luck the rest of your journey. TCM artcaida[removethis]@gmail.com

    • All this is splendid, joyful news. How have you modified your diet and is food absorption an issue? Coming upon 1 year with Whipple in February. Age 68.

      • Hi, thanks for your comment. I can’t say that I have modified my diet really. I eat less cereal now than I did and more bananas to bind me but other than this nothing really. Can’t drink as much as I would like to but that’s bladder related not Whipple. My body steadfastly refuses to put on weight no matter how many pies I eat and it comes off faster than I would like if I am physically busy for extended periods like decorating for example. Well done on reaching your 1st and here’s to many more.

      • Hereโ€™s my list of whatโ€™s worked.
        1) Diet consists of a shake made from;
        1-bananas, 1/3-cup WildBlueberries,
        1/3-cup Spinach, 1-med carrot,
        1-2-Tsp Almond butter, 2-prunes,
        1/3-cup Greek yogurt 0%, add
        1/4-cup unflavored Pea or Whey Protein powder
        1/2-Tsp Pure vanilla extract or other flavor
        Add water 1-1-1/2 cups as needed then blend.
        Also protein bars Lemon Luna, try more fish and potatoes, small salad a couple times a week. Lots of water.

        2) Enzymes like ZENPEP(prescript), SUCRALFATE for stomach and pancreas.

        3) Exercise on a stationary bike. Total Gym to keep muscle memory.

      • Oh my, I bet you had some fun getting that recipe balanced right! I also forgot to mention that I take CREON enzymes.

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